A thirty something runner from Newport, S.Wales who now lives among the mountains of Snowdonia with husband and dog. Secondary school teacher by day, accidental runner, gin lover and cake baker by night!

Why blog…?

The year I turned 30 I wrote a list of things I wanted to try, it wasn’t so much a bucket list more a you have some time on your hands now (I got married the month before my 30th birthday) and you should make the most of it list. Quite by accident and completely separate to my list I started to run and in addition to the challenges on the list, I also completed a few milestone running challenges, including the Anglesey 10km. I have decided to start blogging about my running adventures as I find myself learning lots of new things about myself and the sport whilst meeting some amazing people along the way!

What’s with the name?

Firstly, I do love the colour purple. If I can find kit with purple on it, I generally prefer that over anything else; it’s been a bit of a long standing joke with a few friends of mine especially when at one stage I had a purple car. Secondly, in order to keep hiding those pesky grey hairs, my fantastic hair dresser, Carina, gives me a funky hair do complete with purple colouring which I love. Lastly, when I finally joined a running club you could not imagine my sheer delight to discover their kit colour was purple – it’s like I was destined to join them! The Betsi Runaways are our official title but they will always be known to me as my purple family! Also, I am not fast, my motto is slow and steady and as long as I am going forward, I’m a happy bunny!

I do need to note, however, that I am not the only Purple Plodder in the blog world and having set upon this as an ideal name for me I did some research and found Steve’s blog spot. Steve is also a purple plodder and funnily enough is based in south Wales (small world). He has very kindly agreed to let me share the name so I strongly encourage you to check out his blog too, the link is in my sidebar!