The Final Countdown

I cannot quite believe I am writing this but we are now 6 DAYS away from the big M; how the flip did this happen?!

I had hoped at this stage to be quietly smug with my training progress. I had been doing well at following the plan and was actually enjoying reaching new milestones and exploring new routes with some of my lovely Runaway friends. Then three weeks ago, on my planned 18 miler, I got struck down with a case of runner’s knee which brought an abrupt end to my biggest run to date at a mere 6 miles. I was absolutely devastated and could not stop the tears from falling as the realisation that I might have done something stupid took hold. Luckily, I choose my running buddies wisely and I was very well looked after by Fiona as we called for a lift and I was sent home with armfuls of things to help ease the pain.

Since then I have had various appointments and an eventual diagnosis that I have a tight IT band which has pulled my patella alignment out and this is causing the pain when I run. I have been for a sports massage and a physio session and have discovered that with tape on, the discomfort stays away so providing the magic tape is applied I am game on for Saturday! I will work in fixing everything to get properly run fit after the big day.

The last three weeks have been driving me crazy. I know I need to not stress about the injury and deal with it but as a newbie marathon runner I really wanted to get to the start line with a completed training plan under my belt and this injury has knocked my confidence, big time. How can I possibly complete 26.2 miles when I have barely run in three weeks?! People keep assuring me it will be okay but it is something that keeps niggling at me. That said, I have no intention of pulling out now. If I don’t try to get round the course I will be eaten up with what ifs. So on Saturday I will don my purple vest and set my head to the finish line and keep everything crossed that my feet follow suit. I happen to be very lucky that I have the support of some amazing people who have helped me through every step of this training process and it is those people I intend to keep with me with every step of the way; this one is for you, my lovelies!