New venture

It’s the first Monday of the October half term, it’s 9.30 in the morning and I am still in my pyjamas making the most of the fact I have some down time and I haven’t filled my week with endless of activity – most unusual behaviour for me! I haven’t blogged since the end of my 30 things in my 30th year mission (May, 2017) and yet I have found myself contemplating how best to go on with this new instalment. Why the need for the new blog?! Because… I am currently contemplating whether or not I am going to carry out my most bonkers physical challenge to date… training for (and hopefully completing) the Eryri Marathon in 2018!

I should mention here that I am not being a complete lunatic and deciding to go from  couch to marathon in 12 months and that I have already got some running under my belt but a marathon is a very new prospect. So why a marathon and more importantly, why not a flat one?! My purple family are completely to blame here…

The purple family, aka the Betsi Runaways* are the most amazing, friendly and encouraging group of people I have had the pleasure of meeting and in the short time I have been running with them have become a key part of my life. On Saturday, 28th October I volunteered to help on the Awyr Las** feed station at mile 15 of said marathon. I knew a number of my fellow Runaways were taking part in the race and kept a close eye out for them all giving them a big cheer as they ran past whilst in complete awe of their amazingness. 26.2 miles – what an unbelievable achievement (and for anyone who has seen the course profile of this event is no easy feat)! At various points during the day our chief coach (and the reason I was on the feed station), Chris kept dropping little comments along the lines of “when you do this route”, “this is a good part to train on”, “next year, Laura…” and all the while I am snorting with laughter, me? A marathon runner? Get a grip! I suspect Chris knew exactly what she was doing because ever since Saturday afternoon, the seed has started to take hold… May be, just may be I could do this… Oh b*llcks!




2 thoughts on “New venture

  1. Snowdon marathon? Yep, you are totally nuts. I’m doing Manchester as my first as it is totally flat, which is what my short, skinny old legs need.


    1. I haven’t entered yet, I may still chicken out but I have set an alarm on my phone five minutes before the applications go live so watch this space…


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